My Book: 'Best Practices for Clinical Monitoring'


Best practices for Clinical Monitoring

The 'Best Practice' Series takes Good Clinical Practice to the next level and makes it better!

Attractive, affordable and easy to use, this book provides a sign-posted map for beginners and experienced Clinical Monitors through the maze of clinical research. Written from a wealth of personal experience, this book provides a real-life insight into clinical studies and the specific role of the Clinical Monitor.

Through real-life situations, linked to regulatory and industry standards, this book covers the complete life cycle of a clinical trial. You will find practical tips and best practices for each phase of the clinical study, from selecting the right investigator to preparing for, and surviving an inspection.

With integrated examples of actual documents, you will come across in the field and valuable lessons learned, this book will enable you to perform your job as Clinical Monitor to the very best of your ability and according to today's standards.

ISBN number: 978-3-86250-001-7

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You will discover:

  • How to fit into the activities of the world of clinical research
  • The latest regulations and guidelines, what they mean for you, how to follow them and where to find further information
  • How to prepare and perform site visits and interact with site personnel
  • What Essential Documents are and how they should be handled
  • How to document your work correctly according to international standards
  • Foresee and avoid potential pitfalls in your study
  • What you need to progress in your chosen career
  • And more...

Gerald Van Roey

Gerald Van RoeyGerald Van Roey MPhEd is the Managing Director of GVR Consultancy and had over 10 years of experience in Clinical Operations before switching his career into the training business in 2009.

He has worked as trainer and managing director for the ECCRT, European Centre for Clinical Research Training before starting his own company in 2015. As a clinical monitor he performed more than 40 studies in areas including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices in all stages of clinical development. In his previous career he implemented different trial tools and mentored many junior CRAs.

His extensive knowledge and background serves him as a manager and trainer for different courses. In his trainer function he has coached over 1000 clinical research professionals and has delivered courses in 14 different countries.

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